Friday, May 11, 2012


WOW, 9 days and 7 crits. Had a stage race of crits going on last week. All of the races were either in South or North Carolina and Georgie so we were moving every day to another location for the next race. Lets just say Speedweek was success for Team Exergy.  We got 2 wins along with being on the podium almost every single day. Carlos won the overall and lap leader while Kevin won the U25 jersey and the team came in 2nd overall behind Mountain Khakis by ONE point.It was a great team effort all week. The team is riding awesome together.

The craziest race by far was the first night which was the Athens Twilight. There were over 30,000 spectators screaming and it was super fast. You couldn't even hear your self think during this race, it was awesome.  Most of the races were twilight so we were racing late at night. This made for some super late nights and early mornings to be able to get a spin in the morning then hopefully a nap in before the next race started. Getting in an ice bath late at night after a race made it hard to fall asleep before 2am. This was hard on the body causing me to come down with a virus. The last two days of speedweek the throat was on fire and killing me and continued the rest of this week. Had to take it easy since then but am slowly getting better.

Other then the team dominating this week it was really cool to see Kevin get two top 5 finishes during speedweek and the U25 Jersey. He finished 2nd one day and 4th the next. Pretty cool. Now we are in St. Louis getting ready for the weekend of crits and Tour de Grove. You can follow along at Tour de Grove.

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