Thursday, April 26, 2012


Still down here in the southeast doing some racing. Just finished up last weekend in Alabama with the Sunny King crit and road race. This race was pretty cool because it had a live video for everyone at home to watch and from what it sounds like was pretty good. It also happen to be another twilight crit which seems to be the them with a lot of these crits. It's always nice to be able to sleep in then get up and go for a spin, then nap before heading to the race. 

The Sunny King Crit was a 90min crit 4 corner course with a slight up hill to the finish an down hill with strong head wind on the back side. Early on we had our teammate Ben and a Kenda rider up the road for a while. It was eventually brought back an no other breakaways stayed away. It was coming down to a sprint so we got to the front with 5 or so laps to go and kept the pace very high that way no one else could attack and Carlos could sprint from a good position. In the end Carlos sprinted for 2nd behind Kenda.

The next day was and early wake up call, 5AM. The 70 mile road race started at 8am and consisted of some nice rollers and power climbs. Early in the race a break went up the road with all the major teams represented. So for about the next 40miles it was a nice easy tempo until about 10k till the finish. Everybody was fighting for a good position because we could only use one side of the road and the finish was approaching quickly. In the end the breakaway stayed away and the peloton was spiriting for 10th place.

 Monday afternoon we left Alabama to head back to Georgia where we are staying for the rest of the week. We are currently in Athens, GA getting ready for Speedweek to kick off on Saturday night with the famous Athens Twilight Crit. (live video of race). Speedweek consists of 7 very hard crits in 9 days. Gonna be a good way to test everything.

                                                 What I will be doing this week

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