Saturday, May 26, 2012


The races have been flying by since Speedweek and are all morphine together in my memory. After Speedweek we headed to St. Louis for 3 crits. The last day I was able to make it into the winning break and flatted  on the last lap on the last corner. Had some bad luck in St. Louis but really enjoyed the city, never been before and really like it.
St. Louis
From there it was all the way to Delaware for the Wilmington Gran Prix. Before making in all the way we stayed a couple days in New Market Virginia and did some good riding in the hills. This place was awesome for training, small town with new roads in every direction you went and as far as you went.

Made it to Delaware and had a prologue the Friday afternoon.It was a 4mile course that was technical and had two section of some real cobble stones.One section was on and tight downhill section and the last was on the finishing little climb. It went pretty good ended up 7th and was a good opener for the crit the next day.
Finishing climb
I was really excited for the crit because it was technical and had a short steep pitch in it, suited me perfectly. I made it in the days break along with my teammate Ben and I was working super hard so that he could have an easier ride and go for the win. Though I flatted with 11 laps to go which wasn't all bad because then I was able to get a free lap. Was put back into the break the next lap and went back to working hard. Then with 4 laps to go I flatted again ending my race. The break eventually got caught with a half a lap to go and Ben ended up 3rd.
Wilmington Podium
 The next day following the Grand Prix was the Grand Fondo ride. This was a nice change of scenery from all the crits that I have been doing. Actually got to do a ride over 2hrs and had a good time and there were 400plus riders out on this, was pretty cool.
Grand Fondo
After Delaware we heading up to Long Island, New York where I was born and my whole family still lives. It was really nice to see everyone because the last time I was there was when I was in middle school which was a long time ago. Also surprisingly got in some decent riding in which I was surprised.

New York riding
New York
A couple days in New York it was back in the van and off to Grenville, SC which is where I am currently. Monday is US Pro Nationals road race. This is my first time doing this race and I am super excited and ready to go. All the top Americans will be here fighting for the stars and bars.

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