Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tucson training

  Its been about 2weeks since I arrived in Tucson, AZ for some warm training. Even though I think I have had to deal more with cold weather or rain then there has been warm sunny days. So far the riding as been good none the less. Finished off a big week with close to a 30hr week on the bike with another in the works.

  Also was able to make it to the Shootout this past Saturday for the largest group ride I have ever done. We meet at the Starbucks by the University of Arizona and take a easy stroll though town before the attacks start. We left the Starbucks with about 40 people and by the time the ride actually started there was close to 100 riders, it was crazy. It started off real fast and stayed this way for the remainder of the ride.  Halfway through the ride a group of 15 of us or so broke off to go climb Madera canyon. The first 10miles was pretty steady false flat with the last 3miles kicking up becoming pretty dang steep. All in all this was a hard  but fun ride.

  I also was able to climb up to the top of Mt. Lemmon last week. This was one fabulous ride with around 25miles of climbing and some great views.  The climb itself never got too steep which I liked and also had a big cookie on top which was a nice treat after climbing that much. The descent was awesome because there are no tight turns which requires minimal breaking. Though I have been unable to climb back up because of the weather that they have been receiving. I think this is the most snow they have ever seen up there.

   I head back to Denver this coming Monday December 19th and will be staying there for the holidays. Then will return to Tucson on January 5-24 to get in some more good training. Then its off to Sponsor Camp in Boise, ID on January 25.

Here are a few pictures from the training in Tucson so far. 

Riding with Bruce and the Uno boys

Kevin and Adam on the Garmin development team

Big cookie on top of Mt. Lemmom

River crossings on road, lots of rain

Whos who?

Its about the size of my head

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Tucson Storage said...

Beautiful photos. The river crossing along the road was surreal.