Saturday, December 3, 2011

Far from ideal

So I came down to Tucson, AZ for some warm weather and good riding, so far it hasn't been that. I left  Thursday from Denver with a couple inches of snow and arrived here with temperatures in the 40's and real windy. Then Friday it was cold and raining all day so we used the day to build up the bikes. Got a lot of help from Bruce who use to live Colorado and owns Uno Bicycle Studio in Tucson, AZ. Really great and knowledgeable guy check him out Uno Bicycle Studio.
Getting de-iced at DIA
 Today was suppose to be in the 50's and raining again. It also happen to be Saturday and here in Tucson that only means the famous Shootout ride is going down. This is a 60mile ride which pretty much turns into a race with about 150 other riders. Here is a quick YouTube video of the shootout.  So Kevin and I left the house today around 6:20am to ride out there because it is a good hour from where were staying. Though it was still pitch dark out so we could not see much with our frog lights. Getting out of the neighborhood I must of hit a big rock and double flatted instantly. Kevin sprinted back to the house to get more tubes while I fixed my two flats. After all that we got on our way and had to ride pretty hard now so that we would not be late. About 10min away I flat AGAIN this time I had a thorn in the tire. I finally get the 3rd flat fixed and make it to the Starbucks where the ride starts but we were 6min late and had no idea which way the ride went so we could not catch up. So we decide to go on our own ride which happen to turn out to be a pretty good 5hr ride. Though before the end I flatted once again making it 4 flats on the day. 
Fixing my forth flat of the day
 Now Im hoping my luck turns around before heading back to Denver on December 19th. The plan for the rest of the time here is to get some base miles in while riding in some warm weather.