Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Done and Dusted

Well we just got back from a fairly successful Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison, WI. Headed out there a couple days early to relax and pre-ride the road course. Our plan going in to the Road Race was to be very active and aggressive and make sure that no big move went up the road with out a Mesa jersey in it. Every thing was going to plan early on. About 30miles to go Kevin and I bridged with another rider up to a two man break making it a 5 man group. Things were looking good for use considering we had two guys in a strong move. Heading into one of the rollers my legs started cramping and about half way up every single muscle in my legs felt as if cramped. I tried to catch back on during the downhill but never made it. Now I was starting the last major climb of the laps and got caught by the pack where I had no chance of holding on because the legs were still crying. Kevin also cramped up on the last major climb but was able to hold onto the field. Kevin finished 16th. Pretty bummed with that performance considering the winner came from the break we were in.

Next up was the TTT where we were there to defend our National title. So the night before we jumped into the freezing lake to soak the legs and get them prepared for another suffer-fest. The legs did not feel so hot warming up making me a little worried that I went too far in the red the day before. The wind was howling at the start and with no TT equipment allowed this year I was ready to see how we could do. The race was windy the whole way with no tail wind,just cross and head winds. Ended up winning again by about 30seconds and the legs felt pretty dang good the whole race. Was happy to hear coming into the finish the announcer saying "and that's how you come back and defend your title" right then I knew we had it.

Sunday was the crit at a new location this year. The course had to little risers on opposite ends of the course which I was exited about and had the finish right on top of the second one. We had the same plan going into this race being active and making the moves, getting prime points and winning the race. Things were going to plan while Kevin made a strong break away up the road. While no one seemed to be working with Kevin ahead he split the break down to three. With 5 laps to go the peloton got organized and caught Kevins group with two laps to go. This meant we needed to set up the train for the lead out. All was good until last lap when Mars-Hill College took over our train. Sitting on there last two guys we got a little trigger happy and took them over before the last corner. Things got hectic and the train was broke leaving me sprinting for the finish doing my lead out. No one came around until about 200m to go leaving me the 4th place.

All together the races went pretty good. The ladies on the team also crushed it this weekend leaving Mesa State 2nd overall for the third year in a row. Missing 1st by very little points each year hurts, making us more hungry to go back and win that thing. School just finished up today for the summer. Now just working and racing, still have no idea what races will be attending this summer but hoping to make a successful rest of the season.

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