Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Racing

Well the collegiate season has started up and is already almost over. So far this collegiate season has been going pretty well and have had some good success with the team. We once again have a strong team and am looking forward to Nationals again this year. This past weekend was our home race, the Mad Cow Classic which I am really happy that is done with. Kevin and I were the race promoters this year which was A LOT of work and had me pretty stressed out until last weekend.

The races went smoothly with a few little bumps that we can fix for next time.Once we were able to get all the other races taken care of, we were also racing. I was able to pull of the win in the Road Race which was a surprise for me, because I have never finished that race in the lead group. Either I have bad luck with flats or just plain dead legs.

Once the race weekend was over we got ready to head to Sea Otter where we are at now. We left Junction last night around 8 and got in Monterey,CA around lunch time today. After a little lunch we headed out on an awesome ride up the coast. The views were amazing which kept us distracted on how to get back. So this is why our ride ended up an hour longer then expected. Races start tomorrow with a crit followed by a road race, tt and circuit race. Hoping for some good racing.

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