Friday, June 17, 2011

New Ride

Well a lot of things have changes since Collegiate Nats. Since then I was still looking for an Elite team to ride for the rest of the year. Though Team Exergy pro cycling team gave us a call one day wondering if we wanted to finish the rest of the season off with them. Obviously this was a no brainier and know I am riding for Team Exergy. Now will be moving back to Boise in a couple of weeks and will be racing all over at a lot of the NRC races. I can't wait to start racing more with the team.

Last weekend was our first race with the team at Tulsa Tough in Oklahoma. This was a weekend of three crits with two of them being twilight. The legs felt pretty good all weekend considering our last block of races was Collegiate Nationals. The team road really good together and had some good results. The racing itself was really fun and I was so happy to be flying the colors of Team Exergy once again.

Our next race will be at the beginning of the month up in Canada then of course Boise Twilight to follow. If you want to keep track of the team check out the website at

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