Thursday, February 17, 2011

Start of Season!!!

Well the 2011 season has officially started. We were able to start it of with some warm weather and In N Out down in Phoenix, Arizona for Valley of the Sun Stage race. Was not expecting much like usual from this race, because the TT would be my first effort for the year. So in that case the TT really hurt, felt like my heart was gonna explode. I was not use to my heart pumping that fast. So I think I finished around 50th or so.

The road race was a good 90 mile race with 400ft of climbing per lap, so not too much climbing but really windy. There was a 15man break that stayed away and the peloton got neutralized with 5k to go, so we lost a good 15min to that. The crit was 70min and pretty fast. Kevin ended up killing it in 8th and I managed 16th so not too bad.
-Kevin in Crit-

Now the first race is over Collegiate season is around the corner. Though now I am icing my knee and not riding because it has been killing me for a while now......not good.

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