Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awesome Team!!

Wow this Collegiate season and school year flew by. Just finished up Nationals and school for the summer. Its been a great season so far and also have learned a lot. The team this year was by far the best we have had the past 4years. I have had a great time racing at Mesa with a lot of up and downs, but it was good to end the season on a hi.

Nationals was just last week in Madison, WI. The RR on Friday was a good course and 40degrees and raining. The team was looking good with 2 guys in the break. My shifter broke on the climb so I was stuck in my 12. The team had an ok day, two of us had to drop out which hurt us but Rich was 3rd and Kevin 21st. Next up was the crit around the capital that we needed to redeem ourselves. And thats just what we did. The team did great controlling the whole race. Set up the train with 7laps to go, a little long but no one came around. Ended up perfect with Rich winning the crit. Last up was the TTT, a nice 19.5 mile rolling course. We also won that as well, beating 2nd by over 20seconds which was awesome.

After that was finals at school for the next week. Then we went down to Saint George for Kenny's Tri where he absolutely killed it ending up 1st. Now back in Denver for a couple days then were moving to Boise for the summer this Friday.

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