Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fell off the face of the Earth!!!

Well its been a loooong time since I updated this thing last. Last time we ended on a high with winning the collegiate TTT at nationals. From there we moved to Boise for the summer and raced on Team Exergy which was an awesome experience. Got to race some sweet races and also learned a lot on the way. Though the team did turn professional for the 2011 season we will not be riding for them and are still in the hunt for a team for the 2011 road season.

Now that cross is all wrapped up its time for a nice relaxing break. By the way the cross season was descent this year, had fun doing it. Its time off the bike for now until we head back up to Junction for Grad School. That's right we just graduated with a Sport Management degree and now am going back for my MBA.

Here is some pictures that have captured the last couple months since Collegiate Nats!

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