Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting going

Well not too much has been going on since Cross Nats. Started school up again, have 4 online classes and 1 class at school. So not a bad deal, though I am tending to procrastinate a lot. I also started working at the school recenter. Its not bad besides that I work at 4:45am MWF. So the 4:00am wake up call in not the nicest.

Also started the base for the road season, kind of. The weather out here in Junction SUCKS. I don't think we have got above 40degrees since we have been back here and lots of snow. So the riding has been limited which sucks. Been going to the gym a lot this year and been riding the rollers and doing some intervals. Though still not riding nearly as much as I was last year. Lets hope this weather turns around quickly.

Though we did get a taste of some warm 70degree weather last week down in Arizona. We headed down there again this year for Valley of the Sun stage race. I was not expecting much since my lack of riding and so early in the season. The TT went ok, finished 50th or so. Then the 95mile RR was going to be the first time I road over 70miles this whole year. It ended up being a sprint finish and I finished 8th. I was real happy with that. The crit was nice and fast. I went on the 2nd lap. That one hurt and could taste the blood in the lungs. I was useless the rest of the race, with Kevin doing all the work. 5laps to go I started feeling good and worked my way towards the front. Ended up 3rd which was awesome and unexpected.

Collegiate season starts here in a couple weeks. So will see how that goes, considering the weather on the front range is not too much better. May be some cold wet racing ahead. But were gonna have a fast team this year, cant wait.

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