Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Season is OVER!!!!

Well the season is finally over but that's only for 3 weeks. Then its straight into some base miles. Though during this 3 weeks I wont be touching the bike but I will be in the gym still working.

U23 cross Nats. went real well for me. I was hoping for top 20 epically from starting at 2nd to last row. I kept moving up the whole race and was loving the course. Nice fast and muddy course. I actually ended up 7th which was AWESOME and was not expecting finishing that good considering i finished in the mid 20's last year. With that good result and the results threw out the season I just got my CAT 1 for the cross season.

The collegiate race I was looking for a good result though. We were the 1st ones off for the day at 8:30 and it was a ICE rink. Flatted after the 1st corner. Worked my way up to 3rd the crashed real hard a couple times in the same lap. Had 4th on the last lap with a good margin on 5th. The crashed again messing my bike up making in un-ridable and had to run the last half of the race so I ran in for 11th.

Now road season is right ahead an I cant wait. We got a strong team for the collegiate season and an even better team for the summer. Heck yes, FINALLY.

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