Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final week!

Well its getting down to the end. We have finals this week, and also a snow day today which is awesome. This is the first snow day here in Grand Junction in a very long time. About a foot of snow, a lot for a desert. We leave in two days for Bend, OR for Cross Nationals, im just hoping we make it to Denver for our flight cause the Mountains also got hit hard with snow.

This past weekend was States which was freezing and muddy. I was having a bad race to begin with, but when my pedal came off that was it for me. So I am really hoping my luck changes for this up coming weekend. Other then that, the season so far has been ok nothing special. Just a lot of bad luck at the wrong time.

Now im looking forward to the time off the bike for a couple weeks. Then its back to the base miles again and getting ready for the road season. I am really looking forward to this because were gonna have a strong team this year.

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