Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cross season

Well this past weekend we were up in Winter Park for some Collegiate MTB racing. Saturday was the XC, Which started with a good climb the a good down hill. I was feeling good on the climb, not so much on the doesn't like usual.We had 4laps to do and coming back to the start finish my bike was acting up. The chain kept dropping when I would stop pedaling. So on the way down it finally took a crap and I could no longer ride the bike due to the chain was in a not and off the rear derailer some how. Though I guess im keeping the trend going, having some big issues on the XC race.

We stayed the night there and then heading off to Breckenridge in the morning for our first cross race of the year. The course was cool, a lot of single track though, almost like a MTB course, but it was still fun. I was feeling pretty good in the race, and was right behind the lead group. Kevin got up to me and we were working well together. Though with 3laps to go Kevin flatted and I was on my own. Never did get to the lead group but finished 7th overall.

Tomorrow were heading down to Boulder to pick up our new gear for the season and for another cross race in Boulder on Saturday. Im hoping to do better. Will see.

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