Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The last couple races

Well I have done a couple races since I have updated this. We went down to Boulder for some Cyclocross race a couple weeks ago. This course was extremely bumpy and I could not find a good rhythm in a lot of the sections. I was feeling good sitting in 4th behind the main group for a while. Though I quickly went backwards. It was 85degrees out and I had no water, I just turned into a tin man. It sucked. I ended up 11th which stinks cause I was hoping for at least 4th. Though we dd get our new kits and bikes that weekend which are awesome. Were still in the process of building them up, still waiting on a few parts.

This past weekend was our home MTB race. Saturday was the ST, which I did ok on, I only went over the bars once. Not sure how I ended up. But the start sucked with a single track right after the start...so you can only imagine how crazy that was. Though I never did get lapped.

Sunday was the XC where I had a good start. I was sitting in the top 10 after the first lap. Then it started raining pretty good making the course real muddy and slick. That's where I went backwards and just road the rest of the race.I ended up 15th in that race, we only did 2out of the 4laps.

Now we leave Monday for Truckee, CA for some nationals and IN N OUT burger. Should be a good time, lets hope the weather is good.

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