Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First MTB Race

Well this past weekend was my first Collegiate MTB race of the year.Even though I don't have a MTB Brent is letting me use his nice Kona MTB. The race was up in Beaver Meadows, which was an 1:30hr North of Fort Collins. We got to our place late at night, and had to set up the tents in the dark. Went to bed and woke up early for short track the next morning. It was a cool double track that went into a single track up top. I was feeling pretty good and was sitting behind the lead group. I ended up getting 7th, even though on the last lap I had to stop due to a lapped rider on the single track.

The XC was the next morning. I had an ok start, though after a couple hundred meters after the start I found myself track standing waiting my turn to get into the single track. After that there was a good 15min climb to the top, where I lost some time due to all the congestion on the single track. I did ok on the descent. Felt good on the last lap and got back up to my group only to loose contact with them on the down hill. So I hammered it on the 2nd uphill and got back on. Though going threw the rock garden my bike felt weird. So after the corner I look down, only so see my crank coming off and found my self waking the last couple miles. I was in 15th place when this happen and ended up 22nd after the long walk. So not a bad weekend.

Next up is another XC race up in Sol Vista this weekend. Then were shooting over to Breck for a cross race on Sunday. Should be interesting considering I was just on my cross bike for the first time today, and all I can say is I was rusty.

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