Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hanging in there!

Well its been a long season so far, and I think im starting to feel it. We had the Dead Dog stage race last weekend in Laramie Wyoming and its was hard. With over 7,000ft of climbing it didn't suit me that well. And at the summit of over 10,000ft it was pretty chilly to say the least. Then it was the crit, and I went of the front from the gun, only was out there for a couple of laps and then BLEW up. But our teammate was able to get in the break that stuck. Then was the TT that I pretty much just road.

After the races I was wheezing, coughing with lots of mucous. And the last couple day s I have not felt so hot so I have took the last couple days off. We got a crit tonight Im going to try and do if the weather holds up.

Now we got one crit left here in Denver next week, then the Boise crit, Cascade and U23 will see what happens

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