Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Time

Well not too much going on. Took some time off the bike after collegiate nationals. Then took some more time off from racing but was getting the big miles in again. So we have just been really hanging out and riding. Went up to Fort Collins for a little bit and hung out and did some riding. We also drove threw a tornado on the way back to Denver on I-25 which was crazy.

Though after the break off the bike, my leg was killing me when I started training again. Found out that my seat height was a half an inch off which is huge. Feels much better now. We did our first race back this weekend in Glenwood. So we went up to GJ a week early to hang out and ride. Then the races were on the weekend with a nice 16k TT on Friday. Lance and Levi decided to show up and race. So that was really cool to pass them on the way back in. Though I got my butt kicked in the TT.

Saturday was an 85mile RR. It was mostly a rolling course with two steep climbs right before the turnaround. Though about 35miles of the RR was a Roubaix. It was crazy, with all this rain the pot hole were insane. There were also some riders from, Garmin, Ouch and Bissel that showed up to race. I finished 25th which I was happy with. On Sunday was the crit downtown. The course was short and FAST. The whole race it was single file. And one dude by himself lapped the field. Which I have no idea, because we were moving. With over 40 riders starting and barley 20 finishing says it all. I ended up 15th but Kevin got 8th which was awesome.

Now we got this weekend off and then the Dead Dog Classic stage race. After that were looking at doing Cascade classic as well as U23 nationals.

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