Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well im on a little break now from the bike. We just had Collegiate Nationals last weekend in Fort Collins and have finals this week in school. I was looking forward to the races but I was not to sure how well I was going to preform. Because I got my ass kicked in the Gila. But I guess that's just what I needed.

On Friday was the Road Race that had a different start this year. Also the 40mph winds didn't help either. But the first part was hell, going over all the steep climbs over the dam just split the group, and I was barley holding on. Once we got over the climbs everyone was just sitting in like it was a Sunday stroll, so about 30more people got back up. Kevin went to the front to set the pace. Then we got out to the 10mile loops where we did 4 laps. An attack went, and once that happen no one wanted to work. So Kevin attacked and the group closed him. So I counter attacked and got a group of 3 to come with and we got away. We bridged up to the lead break of 5. We worked well together until one lap to go in the feed zone where there was an attack. This split the break up, with one guy up the road and then myself and one more rider. We worked together until the final climb where he attacked me and stayed way. So I ended up 3rd in the Road Race which was AWESOME.

Then Saturday was the 75min crit. I was feeling good and was shooting for the overall omnium. I got in a crash early on, but not bad just landed on everyone else. Got back in and got back to the front. I was going for a lot of the primes to help my overall. I ended up getting 15points worth of primes. And in the end ended up 10th in the crit. But that was still not enough for the overall. So I ended up 2nd in the individual omnuim. Just kinda sucks being that close to winning it. O well.

Sunday was the TTT. We were the first team off at 8:02 and it was freezing and raining. The race went ok, but it gave us enough points to get 5th in the overall team standings which was cool. Only having 4 people race all weekend, not bad.

Now all I got left is two more finals tomorrow and them im done. Taking some time off and going to Vegas on the 22nd with some friends. Should be a good time.

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