Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hard weekend

This past weekend was some collegiate racing down in Durango. This was going to be our first race since our home race 3 weeks ago. The weather for the weekend was calling for about 50degrees and rain. But FLC had a good weekend set up. Had the TTT 12mile course with a good climb at the end, the sweet crit with a nice little hill in it and the killer RR with the climb at the end of every lap.

So we wake up Saturday morning and head to the contenential breakfast with some nice cool weather. Then we head back to the room to get ready for the TTT and it was raining and snowing like crazy. So they ened up cancelling the TTT which sucked, because we still have not done a TTT as a team yet this year and Nationals is soon. So now we just had to wait to see if the crit was still on for later that day. The weather started to clear up as well as the roads were drying. The crit is on and so was the rain. At the start line it started to rain, with some snow. And about half way threw it was hailing which hurt so bad on the downhill section. We all got a bad start on the back, and with the pack spliting in half after the first lap because people were scared to corner in the rain. So we used a good 5 laps all out just trying to get to the back of the pack. Got on and was usless the rest of the race. I ended up 10th which is not too bad.Then the RR was Saturday. It was 6mile laps with a good climb at the end of each lap. We were doing 9laps so we had to go up this climb 9 times which sucked. I was feeling ok and just trying to survive all day. I got droped a couple times up the climb but was able to catch back on during the flats. Though there were about 50 starters and only about 15 of use were in the main group the last time up the climb. I ended up 10th overall again which im happy with, considering I cant climb.
I also got my new Giant TCR Advanced frame this weekend and it awesome. Though its got a Shimano intergrated BB and I have Sram stuff. So I have to bring it back and get a Sram BB this weekend. Will be at Air Force this weekend for another good RR.

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