Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Putting in the Miles

Had an awesome weekend off from racing and got in some good miles and with my new team RMCEF. A couple of the guys from the team came down to Junction for a training camp this past weekend. The group of guys are awesome and very strong, I cant wait to race with them this year. Were looking at doing some good races this year, possibly Sea Otter, Cascade, Nationals and maybe Utah. So I need to get my upgrade this season.

On Saturday we got a good day on the bike. We got around 130 miles, going to Utah and back and then went up and over the Monument. So that was a long day, but fun. Then Sunday we headed down to Gateway, with 40mphplus winds. It was like a wind tunnel in that canyon. We were getting blown all over the place. We were doing about 7mph on the way out. Then got up to 55mph on the way home which was real nice. So all together it was a good weekend, and I cant wait to race with all of them

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