Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Weeks/11 races left

Well the first part of the season is almost over. I got Conference Finals this weekend in Salt Lake City. Then I come back and leave for the Tour o the Gila in Silver City New Mexico on Tuesday. This is a 5 day brutal stage race. Then after that I have Collegiate Nationals down in Fort Collins. So I got a lot of big and hard races coming up here soon. Then after those races I will take about 2 weeks off the bike before I start riding again for the summer season. I'm going to Las Vegas with a few buddies for all of our 21st which will be a good time.

As far as the races this weekend, I sucked. Well we had to spend the night in Vail Friday night because they closed I-70 due to snow. Then I-70 was still closed in the morning so we had to drive threw Leadville and Buena Vista. So we got up early to make it to the springs in time but when we got into town we found out the races were cancelled for the day. So instead we took a tour of the Olympic training center which was cool. Also hung out with our family that came up.

But the race was hard. It was 5 laps about 12miles each lap and a good climb on the back side. It was about 64miles total which is not too long but it was a hard course. I was feeling good until the 4th time up the climb. I got dropped and worked with another rider and caught back up to the lead group at the start/finish about 15min later. So I just sat in and waited till the climb. Same story this lap. I got dropped about half way up the climb this time and just road in with a small group. Not too happy with the performance, especially with these big races coming up and I cant even finish in the pack…….not good.

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