Monday, April 27, 2009

Hard Racing

Well this past weekend was the last race of the Collegiate season besides Nationals. We were down in Salt Lake City, UT. We had our first TTT which was interesting and add some rain to that. We did ok for it being our first TTT all together. Then we had the crit. that night at the DMV course. It was a hard one, because with our small team we had the bigger teams working us. We were doing a lot of work. Then with a crash on the last lap splitting it up sucked.But I ended up 8th. Sunday was our RR/Circuit. 7 mile laps 8 times on a flat race track. 6 riders on the first lap were off with every major school represented. So that left DU and us to work our asses off. I soloed up to the break, but when I got up there I was spent and could not hold on. So went back to the pack and worked real hard to pull it pack. Never happen. Ended up toward the end.

I ended up 2nd in the Conference again this year. Now im just packing for the Tour of the Gila. We leaving bright and early tomorrow to head down there. Im really looking forward to it, minus how hard it going to be. Then we get back on Sunday and leave Thursday for Collegiate Nats. down in Fort Collins. Then its rest time/summer and Las Vegas.

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