Monday, March 23, 2009

Pulled off the Win!!!!!!

Well this past weekend was our home Road Race. I was looking forward to staying here and having the races in Junction, but I knew it was going to be real hard. So on Friday afternoon the CSU team got into town and over to our house. We were providing some host housing for them over the weekend. Even though the coach did not really seem to appreciate it.

On Saturday morning we had the hill climb up the West side of the National Monument. It was an ITT which was a little over 4miles. I had done a couple efforts up this side to test my time before this weekend but never got less than 17min. I went off 30sec before Kevin and Brent 30sec behind him. I knew that would give me the little extra push. Though in the end Kevin beat me by 7second. I ended up getting a time 15:58.00 which was a lot faster than my fastest time ever up it, so that was a plus.

Then later that night was the crit out on the go-cart track off I-70. We got there early and watched the pro go. It was single file the whole race and rally fast, with a lot of tight corners. Our race did not go off until 7:15p.m. so we were under the lights for a twilight crit which was awesome. The race started and was single file after the first lap. I started in the second row and worked the first two laps to get up into the top 5. I made sure to not go any deeper then 5th wheel the whole race. About 5laps in the pack was split into two groups. Kevin and I were in the first group and did a lot of attacks to keep the gap growing. Kevin and I were attacking and counter-attacking all night, it was awesome. The group closed on one of Kevins break when I counter attacked and no one followed. There were about 7laps left and know was I was going to survive that whole time by myself. Lucky for me a FLC rider bridged up and we worked together the rest of the race out front. The laps were fast so we were each pulling 1 lap before the other would pull threw. Lucky for me it worked out that he was pulling the last lap. Though he did try to lose me with 1 to go by throwing down a hard attack. I managed to hold on for dear life. Coming into the last corner he gapped me though I was able to close it and come around him for the win at the very end.

It was awesome; we had a tone of friends and family out there as well as a lot of the community supporters of the team, which made it even better. Kind of funny because I won our home crit. last year and this year. Both times I wasn’t even thinking about the win but managed to pull them off.

The RR was Sunday. The winds were in the 30-40mph which sucked. We were single file all day on the yellow line. I got popped on the 3rd lap of 4 on the last climb. From there I just took it easy into the finish, finishing 15th.

Now we have this weekend off from racing, due to this weekend being cancelled, which turns out to be good because I think I may be coming down with a cold or something.

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