Monday, March 16, 2009

CU and UNC

Well the race weekend has come and gone. Saturday was the CU crit, which is just an oval with no real turns in it. This course was pretty much a drag race. With no threatening breaks because of how fast and flat it was, I was able to sit near the front for most of the day, which was nice. The team also started working well together. With one lap to go there was another nasty crash that Kevin and I barley missed and Adam was not so lucky. And Brent had some back luck with a flat and got back in just in time for the crash. So I was near the front for the sprint, I ended up 5th which was cool, with 3 CU riders in front of me as well as one CSU rider.The next day was the UNC crit, which is a longer lap, a little over a mile with a lot of round abouts threw out it. This day we were all doing awesome. With both Kevin and Brent being in different breaks threw out the day and every one getting some prime points, besides me...ooops. The race was 75min vs our normal 60min. Mesa was well represented, being in all the moves and controlling the front which was awesome. With one lap to go both Brent and Adam got to the front to set it up for us. Though on the bottom roundabout I got pushed back a lot and had a hard time moving up for the finish. Adam and Brent gave it there all which was AWESOME, and I ended up 8th and Kevin 9th. Which we could of done better to pay them back for all there hard work.Ill just blame my poor performance at UNC from lack of sleep, lol. I think I might have got 4hrs of sleep over the weekend. Our room was the loud one. Lots of snoring going on and talking during sleep. I just stared at the clock from the time I laid down till 4a.m. and got up at 5:30a.m. Friday night. Which sucked. The same happen Saturday night but not as bad.

Now its our home race this weekend. Should be a aweosme weekend. We also got a new house which is cool, so we have two houses until the end of this month. So were gonna be doing some host housing this weekend. And having our new team RMCEF up in Junction next weekend for a training camp.

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