Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well Spring Break is this week so we had some time to head to Boise, Idaho with Kevin, Mat, and Tom to visit Stu. We headed down there last Friday around 3 after class and got to Boise a little after midnight. The drive was not bad, and took a detour to the POC, not really but that's what we told Chris which would of been an extra 4hrs.The riding out there was awesome, on Saturday we went for a good hilly ride. And then Sunday went for another cool ride outside of Boise and did a cool little Roubaix. On the way back we got a good tempo going and the sky's opened up and brought the snow with. It was not bad until we got to about 30min from home. My sunglasses froze over completely and the snow was coming down like crazy. We were covered in snow, and the last 10min I wanted to fall over and die. I was bonking hard core and wanted to be back. Those last 30min was the worst time I have every had on a bike. Guess I should of ate more, oooops.The rest of the time we just hung out. Tom and Mat wen snowbaording on Saturday and they said it was awesome, which is cool because the resort was only 16miles out of town. We also went to the Minor Legaue hockey game one night which was really cool. Stu got hooked up and we got free tickets and Boise kicked the Canadians asses and there was some cool fights.

Besides that there were some good times. Took a tour of Boise, went the wrong way on a one way, got locked out and was able to pick the lock, some very smelly people, and showing off our staches as well as seeing the weenermobile. Boise was a good time.We got back yesterday and have a some racing this weekend and CU and UNC.

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