Wednesday, March 4, 2009

crits,crits and more crits

Well collegiate season has started off and its a lot of crits from here on out. The first RR is not until our home race on March 21st. But this weekend was the CSU oval crit and the CC crit. Saturday was a fun fast race. Went off the front once by myself for a lap and felt my lucky charms coming up, guess there not so lucky. But with 2 laps to go there was a big pile up, and I barley missed it, Kevin was not so lucky. Coming into the last bend I was sitting in about 10th too far back but ended up 7th not too bad. After the collegiate race I wated about 4hrs and jumped in the Pros race. I hung in there, felt really good for doing a race earlier, though with 5 laps to go I started hurting. Not sure how I finished, somewhere in the pack.

Then it was off to the Springs for another crit. Stop and got some yummy 7-11 slurpees. Though we did stay at a sweet hotel Saturday night.......yeah we had to stay on guard at night, along with the local police with there shot guns to make sure there we no more murders in that hotel we were staying at.
Though the race course was a block from where we were staying wich was awesome. The course was fun and fast with no breaks able to stay away. I ended up 4th wich was cool, with a lot of the teams help threw out the race.

Now its almost spring break which is next week. So were heading up to Boise on Firday to visit STU since he never comes to see us. Then its back to GJ on St. Pattys day then off to the CU and UNC crits. Wow more crits.

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