Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valley of the Sun

Well this past weekend was the first road race of the year down in Phoenix Arizona. We headed down on Thursday afternoon and got to our place about 10:30pm after a 9hr drive, so not too bad. The weather was looking questionable but it held up and was in the high 60's low 70's all week. Along with that my diet all weekend was In N Out Burger, which is so gooood. We had it everyday we were there.....I miss it already, yummmmmm

On Friday was the 12mile-ish TT. We had a tail wind on the way out on the false flat and a head wind on the way back. Kevin was my 30second man and Adam my minute man. I had an ok time of 33:09 about 20seconds slower from last year sitting in about 42nd then.Check out those new TT glasses, very aero and they even have an impact pad on the inside just incase.

Then Saturday was te 90mile RR. For most of the race I just sat in and stayed away from the front. Though with one lap to go I attacked on the climb and bringed to the break, went straight to the front to get things moving. Though no one was working well together so the pack cought us. Then in was back to sitting in getting ready for the sprint finish. I was sitting in the top 15 with 1k to go, perfect for the sprint and feeling awesome. Then the referee pulled in front a nuetralized the race. So the race was done there. There was a bad crash in the CAT3 who finished before us, doing a lap less and had medics everywhere. It sucked, but o well can't do anyting about it. So in the end the Road race didnt even count.

On Sunday was the Crit. at a new location in a sweet higher end community. The course was a fast .8mile lap with a uphill finish. The crit was supper fast and strung out for almost the whole time. I ended up 22nd and 32nd in GC. So not too bad for the first race. Now the long hours are gonna start to wined down and the intensity will come.

Collegiate season starts in two weeks at CSU and CC with some crits so ill prob. do that. Then the week after were going to Boise to see Chirs since he left us and never comes to vist so we have to go to him I guess.

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