Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Started!!

Well it's been a while since anything exciting has happen here. Started up school a couple weeks ago, and classes are not too bad. I have 4 classes on MWF along with an online class and have no classes on Tuesday Thursday. So with my days off I have been riding about 5-6hrs a day which is nice for the base. Been getting in some good time on the bike, got over 26hrs last week and shooting for that again. Getting ready for the season to start, we head down the Phoenix Arizona next Thursday for Valley of the Sun stage race. This will be the first race of the season so we can test things out and see how everything if going. Though we still have no team. Im in the process of trying to work out things with Rio Grande so will see how that goes. But besides riding not much at all, went cross country skiing which was fun doing some drops on the CX skis. But ill update after Arizonia.

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