Sunday, September 28, 2008

A weekend to relax!!!

Well this weekend there was a collegiate MTB race in Boulder which I decided not to do as well as a Cross race today. Instead my buddy Josh came up from Denver for the weekend. After class on Friday we headed down to MOAB to do some MTB on the slickrock, as well as camping and 4X4. It was a balst. Though we did hear a Mountain Lion right before we went in the tent for the night and it came back in the middle of the night which was scary.
We only stayed there Friday night and headed back Saturday afternoon so we could catch the Air Show today and the GJ Airport. The Blue Angles were there which were awesome.After this weekend, I have two cross races in Frisco next weekend, than our home HIKE AND BIKE mountain bike race, than 2more cross races, than nationals than the Boulder Cup(Armstong may show) than New Jersey Grand Prix. So I am travling a lot in the next couple weeks

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