Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back at it!!

Well this past weekend we drove up to Laramie Wyoming to do some MTB racing. And Dough down at Ruby Canyon let me use a Specialized stumpjumper full suspension bike which was AWESOME. Thanks again. In the short track I got may butt kicked, but the CX was fun surprisingly. Even though I crashed 4times really hard. I think I was thinking I could do anything on that nice bike. But it rained hard right before the start so the down hill part was very slick, where the majority of my crashes were. But i finshed in 14th whihc was 3rd in D2 and I was only about 6min. behind Brent this time vs 40min last week.
Also I got my Salsa Cross bike all built up. Got the Sram Rival compnents on it, which are Carbon this year. Were also running with the Sram Red cassets this year which are sick. But our first race on them is next week in Frisco because this weekend were going down to Moab to go camping and hang out and do some riding.

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