Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well it's been a fairly relaxing week school wise which as been awesome. I didn't have a million test this week, like last. Though next week is warping up too look like that. Got some good rides in this past week getting ready the Frisco cross races this weekend which should be a blast, 40degrees and raining. Should be interesting.
Also have been looking for a road team for the 2009 season desperately. Been sending my resumes all over, and just been getting the same response from everyone. "Not sure what the team is gonna be like for next year, but will keep you in touch" Which sucks, cause I really want to figure out what im gonna be doing for next road season. Cause there is know was I am gonna race for that Junior team again. So it looks like I will be racining unattached next year. So if you know any teams let me know.
I also turend in an application for a cycling scholorship at the school this week. Im hoping I get it so I can have some money, which can at least cover my traveling for this semester.
Though we did find a BLACK WIDOW spider on our bike rack on our pourch of our house this week. I had no idea we had those out here in Colorado. I have never even seen one before. And from what i hear those suckers are mean.
Dough at Ruby Canyon also let me ride is full carbon Specialized Stumjumper S-Works this week MTB. It was so nice. He is letting be barrow it during our home MTB race next weekend. Which I can't wait to ride again, but atleast the bike is light, probably lighter than my road bike. This way during the hike a bike I can fly threw it since its so light.

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