Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Time

Well I have been off the radar for a while. But school is in full swing now, not too bad yet. Cross camp is this weekend...cant wait. Been just riding easy lately getting back into the swing of things again. Also collegiate MTB season starts this weekend at CSU. I have been doing some MTB lately cause i may do a couple races this year. Though I have been going with Brent lately and he has been kicking my ass, but its a good time. Had an awesome MTB ride last night along with a team BBQ and meeting. We actually have a team this year which is awesome, we even got some girls on the team which is gonna help out a tone.
And for the new house, well we have been having some bug problems but nothing we can't take care of. There are hundreds of cokroches. but we took care of it.Once we took care of those guys for a couple nights straight of straight up killing we needed to organize the bikes in the house. We have about 14bikes in this house and 2more on the way. So in our kitchen we made our very own bike rack. Its only collapsed once!!!
well now I have to head off to econ class:( so ill try to update this thing a little bit more since racing is starting up again

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