Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well Nationals was fun but got no results. The crit. was good up until the last lap. I felt real good the whole time. than there was a nasty crash with one to go that i got cought behind. so than i was off that back right away. i still ended up 38th though. Than the road race. I felt really good on the 2nd lap doing some work up front to try and bring the break back. than the field stopped working and the break of about 20 got more than 3min on us. so eventually we all got pulled over 100 of us. and only 13 guys finished our race. it was so gay. but o well what can you do.
But im glad i didnt have to drive home after the race like kevin and mo did. THANKS A LOT GUYS. i got to fly home the next day and even got my own row on the plain which was sick.
We also went to Disney land when we were down there which was a blast. And than tomorrow i leave for Grand Junction and start school on Monday:(

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