Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Racing

Well this past weekend was the first races of the Fall semester for me. After class on Friday we drove down to Sol Vista Resorts to set up camp. Our team wanted to save some money, so we went camping instead of a hotel room. When we got there, the parking lot where we were camping was wet and muddy. But we had to set up and than the rain came falling down. It was a cold night, maybe got 3hrs of sleep.
Saturday morning warmed up and it was time to race some Cross Country. My free hub started acting up an hour before the start, so I had to use one of the downhillers cross country bike, which was real nice, but I still SUCKED ASS. Though I finished and I was not last, though very very close.
Sunday morning we drove to Breckenridge for some cyclocross racing. The course was very long and a lot of single track. It took close to 10min. to do one lap which is long. Though I had an ok start and than started picking people off.
(in front of Travis Brown for Trek, insane single speeder)
I was sitting in 5th for most of the race. Than I slid out hard on one of the corners loosing two positions and ripping open my knee, where the previous scabs were just healing. Hate when that happens. I ended up 7th on the day, not bad. Though they payed out the top 5. Dang. O well it was a good time and I think im racing MTB this weekend in Whyoming.

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