Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kenny's Triathlon

Well today i went and watched my very first triathlon ever and it was crazy. first i saw a guy get naught out in the swim and was drowning. Than after that settled Kenny came flying out of the swim to the bike.(fastest person running up to the transition)
Kenny had a super fast ride coming in strong and ready for the run. It was awesome. So he had a 900meter swim which is way to much to swim by itself. Than he had the 13miles ride, than a 3mile run. For me all of those are individual events, and i could not combined them. They have a weekly time trial there, the 13mile course and that is enough for me.
Kenny killed it out there today. He ended up in the top 20, which is an awesome result. And ended up 2nd in his age group. Way to go Kenny nice work..

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