Sunday, July 6, 2008

Racing with the big boys!!!

Well its been a while since i have updated this. Two reasons: I have been lazy also i haven't raced in forever. The last two weeks I was unable to race because i didn't have enough money which really sucks. My team does nothing for me, so i am in a desperate mode to get on a new team for the 2009 road season.
But today was the Niwot crit. And lets just say it was real fast. Garmin Chipolte had a good team show up, including Tom Danielson, along with Toyota United who took 1,2,3 with Ben Day winning and Ivan Stevic in 2nd, not sure who was 3rd someone on United. Along with those teams some guys from Team Type One also BMC all showed up. I was really surprised. It was also a big field with 90riders.
It was supper fast, i got pulled with about 25min. to go, but this was after already half the field was pulled. It was super fun trying to race with those guys. It was just so hard starting in the back and having no real good part on the course to move up, even if there was they were moving so fast it seemed like I was sprinting for the finish after every corner though i was just trying to hang on.
This is Danielson on the front

This is Ivan Stevic on the front

Thats me hanging on for my life!!

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