Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Pro1/2 race

This past weekend was the city park crit. it was my first time racing with the pros. A guy from slipstream as well as jelly belly showed up. it was an 80 person field. I pre-road the course because they added and extra loop to it than what it normally is. and i new it was gonna be real fast. and i was right, real fast. though i had an awesome time, it was so much fun. really smooth compared the 3's. no jerking or crashes every 10ft. I loved it. The pack split up real qucik, 6 man break, the main group of maybe 30-40 than smaller groups behind. i stayed with the main group. it seemed like it was single file the whole time. i ended up 25th which i was happy with. i just cant wait for the next one. we got the state tt this weekend. not expecting much with it though it should be good Ben Day as well as Justin England from Toyota United start right in front of kevin and not to far ahead of me so thats pretty cool.

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