Monday, March 17, 2008

No Team

well this past weekend we were down in durnago for some more racing. though kevin and i were the only ones racing again for our A squad. though we did have some others come and race in different category's which was awesome. But on Saturday we had a ttt early in the morning which was freeeeezing. the team was kevin, trevor and i so it was pretty much just kevin and i. kevin and myself had to soft petal so out 3rd team mate could hold on. ya just sitting on the back. than we came to the last section which was a good size climb. and we lost our 3rd teammate like that going up with out giving much effort. i was so pissed off i told kevin just to leave him. so we did. even though the 3rd guy stops the clock. so i think that was our first ttt of the year and our last.
than it was off to the crit later that day. and wow was that HARD. i took 8th which is a good result for me. though i was the one having to close the breaks since there were no teammates of mine.
(kevin is really sick so he could not race hard) and dont ask me where PRAA (knate keck)i think he is just picking his butt getting ready for the tour de france. than it was the rr 60 miles. a break got away and i was not in it agin. so i was forced to chase.i never did makeit up so i sat in the group. though that didnt help since every team had some one inthe break besides me. so i sat on the front for a half hour9no joke) trying to pull them back with everyone else sitting on.
it sucked. so i just sat in the last lap getting ready for the sprint. i ended up 18th which was not bad

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