Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well today once again was another collegiate race down at UNC a crit to be exact. I was not feeling it at the start. FLC went off the line and i followed along with a CSU rider. So we were in a little break for a little but not long. Than i was just sitting in and covering a couple of moves, you know the usual. Though i thought the down hill section of the course was the hardest. i was doing good on the uphill section. Though there was a 3 man break up the road. A CSU, FLC, and MINES rider, real strong riders. i new it was gonna stick with the horse power all of them had so i didn't try too hard to close it. just because i was a 1man team again and didn't want to get blown for nothing. though CSU was trying to set up the stars and strips on there team so they were pushing real hard towards the end. Just sitting in getting ready for the sprint. so last lap on the up hill i moved up behind the CSU train. Though they were all blown along with the stars and strips. so i hopped on the FLC train that came by on the right. the last round-about into the final stretch i was sitting 4th. Sat for a little and than went for it. it was neck and neck with me and the FLC riders but i got it. some how. Don't ask me how. it was awesome. i won the field sprint. first ever at that size of a field. i didn't win the race but i got 4th. my best result ever in that category. not first place but not bad. than tomorrow we got a race at CU, will see how that goes.

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