Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well this past week was my spring break, and i started it off with some racing. Metro held a 9mile TT at Bear Creek on Saturday. I had a time around 20:23 which was not to bad i thought. considering last year i was in the 23's i think. that time put me in 9th place which i was happy with.

and than on Sunday was the DU crit. at city park. this is always a fun race with 3round-abouts in it. though kevin had to sit out since he was not feeling well at all and didn't want to get worse. so i was the only one out there for mesa since no one else likes to race for our school. but i was doing good, covering some breaks, getting into breaks. but of course i was not in the one that stuck. so i tried to bridge across. but that was not happing since every one was covering my moves. this is because every single school had a teammate in the break that i was with. so they were just sitting in and blocking. It SUCKED. i am so pissed off at our teams A's squads commitment to the team this year. its just been kevin and i out there trying to get points for our team to go to nationals. i am getting sick and tired of it. though i won the sprint in the crit. with the guys i was with and took 11th.
than spring break began. i just relaxed and sat around. than in the middle of the week we went up to CSU to ride the nationals course. lets just say its going to favor the climbers A LOT. it sucked. i guess i need to start climbing:(

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