Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Mexico

This past weekend was our first collegiate race of the year down in New Mexico. Saturday was the 15k TT and it was 75degrees out it was awesome. I did ok in the TT i took 13th overall, it was a hilly course with a good head wind on the way back.than was the TTT afterwards though it was just kevin and i for our team so we could not do it. than later that night everyone that was staying at the house went for an hour ride around town. lets just say it got dark real quick.Sunday was the crit. It was 40degrees out with 30mph winds. it was freezing. though right on the start 2 CU riders went off which i was planing on, i also was planing on going with them. i gave an attempt to get up with them with joe from DU but that was not happening. so we came back to the pack to sit in. 7 guys attacked i guess which i had no idea about. i thought they were the break the whole time. i was just sitting in waiting for FLC to go since they didn't have any one up there. but was i way wrong. the break was behind us, yep thats right they lapped us and thats where FLC was and thats why they weren't chasing. it all makes sense now. lets just say i got blown away. there were 40guys that started and only 7 finished on the lead lap without getting pulled. put i stilled managed to get 16th.
but i did score a 2nd job over the weekend. i am now in charge of putting all the results from every weekend into and excel spread sheet. by doing this i get to race every weekend for FREE:)

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