Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whipout #1

well today i went on the shortest ride of the year so far. we had a late start today getting out on the bike just with every thing going on. we road down 2 chatfield where the roads turned into snow pack and ice. and the whole way there the bike paths were clear. so we desided to move on foward since we were already there. the road was slick but it was kinda fun to ride on. the snowpack roads lets us practice on our handling. we starting getting use to it so we picked up the speed. i was having a fun time with it. until out of no where on the STRAIGHT section my wheels slid out and down i went. though nothing happing to me or the bike we turned around. now im back off the bike for a couple of days. though i really dont want to be, i just need to get out of the house with all these home imporvments going on its hard to do any thing around here. so kevin corey and i are heading up to coreys cabin tomorrow until sunday. it will be nice to just get away and be out of civilization for a while. the cabin has no heat or elerctricity so it should be a good time. will just be hanging out and skiing behind the car. and since i wont have my bike i am going to try and run every day to keep some of the fitness i gained back since new years.

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