Sunday, January 13, 2008


well corey, kevin and i went down to coreys cabin for the weekend. it was a great time. we did lots of snowboarding behind the car. and i skied for a little until i broke the ski boots on a nice jump. i let go of the rope and picked up some speed for the jump. though we never looked at the landing before doing so...... and it was not so nice
this is the take off..... and this was the landing. i got real to that rock but i took out that tree

but besides that we had a real fun time. it was a good relaxing weekend. we also played a lot of dominoes wich was a good time. than around dinner time both night there was a real big buck that came right up to the front deck. it was a cool sight. well besides that we just sat around and did a lot of relaxing while taking in the amazing views.

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