Saturday, January 19, 2008


well my winter break is near the end. though i had an awesome 6 weeks off from school. it started off with cyclocross nationals in Kansas. which were awesome. than the rest of the time was relaxing and hanging out with my family and friends. it was a good time. though i cant really say that for my fish. i was in such a rush trying to get packed get my finals done and getting ready 4 nationals i left my fish on my desk at school. this was for the whole six weeks i was gone. he had no food. so hes dead right? WRONG!!! I got here yesterday and hes still kicking. dont ask me how, he just is. though i start school on Tuesday kevin and i headed back up here to gj yesterday because the passes were suppose to get some snow. and i hate driving in that.
all packed up and ready to go
though since we got up here a couple days early and had nothing else to do, tom, dan, kevin and i decided to go snowboarding today up at powderhorn. we went to the bowls off to the side. which are suppose to be off limits but they were so much fun. they were just huge boulder fields with feet of snow on top of every thing and un-touched . it was the best skiing i have ever done. it was so much fun just flying on the boulders and landing in feet of powder. though the riding is suppose to start up in full swing tomorrow. kevin and i are going out with MO for as long as we can last. the high tomorrow is only suppose to be 32 so will see how long we can bare it.

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Stu Cycling said...

Looking at the Two of guys bikes. You might want to practice on Wrapping your bars or maybe the finishing Tape Job!!! I thought I would have made you a better mechanic, maybe you can have some pin up your jersey 5 mins before a race Natana!!