Thursday, December 20, 2007

well cross is over and now its just getting ready for road. im off the bike till the first of this year which is nice. a little recap about cross nationals. the u-23 race i started in the back. though before entering the course there was a long wide road section. i started up on the left hand side passing people at the start. than my chain snapt. every single person passed me. so now i was sitting in 80th place with a long run in front of me. i had to shoulder the bike and run half the course to the pit. got the new bike and started passing some people. than 3 laps to go i snapt another chain, though this tie is was at the entrance of the pit which was nice. than i finished 32nd which is not bad considering.
the collegiate race had a 150 starters. i started around 1oo position. it was just a mess the first 2 laps with every part of the course full with riders. i felt good and road well. i ended up 29th and kevin was right on my wheel and took 30th. nationals was so much fun. and i cant wait for cross to start up again.
now im just relaxing and not doing so much. its awesome

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