Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well im all done with school for 5 weeks which is awesome. I just got back from gj and finished off all my finals today. They went ok i guess. but last weekend was the Colorado state cyclocross championships. it was in the teen when we were racing along with some snow which soon turned into ice. it was an awesome course. though it was real hard to pass any one, so i was glad i started on the front row. i was sitting 2nd for the majority of the race until my other team mate caught and passed me. though our team finished 1,2,3.(i finished 3rd) i was happy with the result. and with those points i finished 2nd in the BAR(best all around rider) completion out of about 160 riders over the whole season. so i racked together some points and now have enough to upgrade to a cat2 for next year. now im just waiting around, till its my turn on the trainer. and than off to nationals tomorrow morning. looking froward to it, besides this storm is heading that way.

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