Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well i hope every one is having a great christmas and an aweosme break from school. i know i sure am. well my training for the road season is starting on 1/1/08 and i am really enjoying the time off. i have so much free time this past week being off the bike i don't know what to do with myself. im just sitting around doing nothing. though when im on the bike i want a break. you know how that goes. but its good. also i got my upgrade in cyclocross to a CAT2 though in road im still a CAT3. i sent in my upgrade for both, though im a couple points short in road and some of the points didnt count that i thought would.(not a big enough field) now i just hope i can get those points early because i want to be racing in the cat2 next year. now im just hoping this snow stops and melts before i have to ride. because the last thing i want to do is train on the trainer.

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