Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Season coming to an end

The season is coming to an end very quickly. Since nationals I took a week off the bike and almost a month off from racing. This was a nice break for me to relax and to get in some good solid training. I also was able to come home to Boulder, CO to see and live in my apartment for the first time since I signed the lease in April. The riding and training out here is amazing.

Then it was off to Vancouver, Canada for some racing. We started off with the Tour de Delta which included 2 crits and one road race. The first crit was very fast and also had some good crashes. I was actually feeling pretty dang good after my break from racing. The next day was a flat crit which was even faster and very aggressive. In the end nothing stayed away and we lined it up for the lead out with 3 laps to go. We were one man too short in the end and Ben finished off a strong 4th. The following day was and 85mile road race the consisted of 4 opening circuits with some good rollers. Kevin was able to get into the main break that stayed away for most of the race. After the 4 circuits the race transferred over to the other side of town where we finished 10 laps with a short steep climb into a gradual grind to the top. With 2.5 laps to go a break went on the climb. I bridged across on the top and we were able to stayed away till the end. I finished off 7th on the day.

USA-Canada border 
Monday was a rest day followed by a crit and a very tough course. The course was flat though it had a 180degree turn that made it very hard. The field was single file when a crash happen in the big turn. Ben, myself and Zach were caught behind it with most of the field and were forced to work to make it back. Zach and myself berried ourselves to get Ben back in. I paid for this and was hurting the rest of the race. In the end of the race I felt good and ended up 10th.

Next up was the historic Gastwon Grand Prix that was brought back since 2008. This was an awesome race with up to 25,000 spectators. Was a fast race and great course. Had a good time. Ben ended 4th and I got 7th.

The Exergy Twilight was that Saturday back in Boise. This was our home race with Exergy being based out of Boise. The field was stacked and the crowds were awesome. 20min into the race the skies opened up and the rain started to fall. Along with that came a LOT of crashes. At one point half the field was coming back in one lap. It was crazy. We had two guys in the break that looked promising. Though with one lap to go they were caught and it got crazy. Carlso took 2nd and I finished 6th.

Exergy Twilight-photo credit idahostatesman
I'm back in Boulder for a week now until Crit Nationals next weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. Followed by Elk Grove in Chicago which will wrap up my 2012 season.

TT Rig getting ready for Elk Grove

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